Western arc of the Ring Road, Sofia

The Western arch of the Sofia Ring Road is a continuation of the Lyulin motorway and is part of corridors No 4, 8 and 10 of the Trans-European Transport Network.

The GP GROUP AD is building the section of the route of Sofia's ring road from km 0 + 780 to km 6 + 309 that falls entirely on the territory of the city of Sofia. The road is a continuation of the SRR section being built and has a total length of 5.529 km. The beginning of the section on the Sofia Ring Road (west side) is at km. 0 + 780, which is located about 70 meters after the crossing of the Kakach River.

The section includes three road junctions- road junction "Stefansson" type "half-clover", road junction "Lomsko Shose"-a junction with a circular junction and direct connections on the lower level, and the junction "North Speed Tangent" is a type "full-clover". There are also two transversal intersections / Voluyak Train Station, the road to the village of Mramor.

The following 5 major facilities have been built:

  • Overhead road from km 1+290.46 to km 1+634.46
  • Underpass at km 0 + 227.70 at boulevard Stefansson
  • Overhead road at km 3 + 177 above boulevard "Lomsko shose" at road junction "Lomsko shose" Blvd.
  • Overpass for the village of Mramor above the SRR at km 3 + 996.39
  • Overpass over the SRR at km 5 + 108.96 under the NST

From km 0 + 780 to km 1 + 050 the dual carriageway is 46 m, including 2x6 local lanes, dividing strips, 2 local lanes and 2 sidewalks.

From km 1 + 050 to km 6 + 309 the dual carriageway of the route is 26.5 m, including 2x6 transportation lanes, a dividing strip and 2 waysides.

The design maximum speed is 80 km/h.

 Road class is an urban motorway class I-B.

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