Luda Yana Dam, Panagyurishte City

The project is complex, consisting of several subprojects: a dam wall and its adjacent facilities; drinking water treatment plant; two water mains and two pumping stations. G.P. Group implements the dam wall, which is of stone embankment type with clay core. The height of the wall is 43.40 m, the length of the wall along the crown is ~550 m and the width is 6 m. The trench overflow, diversion tunnel, sanitary protection zone have been built and the humus layer was cleaned from the cup of the dam. The quarries for extraction of bulk material have been developed - a crushing and washing sorting installation has been installed for processing the material extracted from the quarry. Cast iron pipe DN400 is laid in the drainage tunnel, concreted at the bottom of the tunnel. Actions have been taken to repair the exposed reinforcement and corroded concrete surfaces.

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