Multifunctional complex GARITAGE PARK, Sofia

The complex will occupy an area of 167 000 sq. m. in the Sofia Park area and will include residential, office, commercial and green areas, a sports center and a primary school for 500 children.

 Garitage Park will be built in stages and when finished it will include over 95 000 sq. m. offices, 60 000 sq. m. dwelling places, 4 500 underground parking spaces, a sports hall with a 25-metre pool, a primary school, a park and green areas that will cover 90 000 sq. m. of the terrain. In addition, there will be shopping areas and restaurants that will serve both the complex and the surrounding area. At the completion of the first phase of construction the complex will have 48 row houses and 14 apartment buildings, two office buildings with a total lease area of 30 000 sq. m., over 1 100 parking spaces and a primary school for 500 children.

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