The facility is located on the boulevard of the same name in the central part of Sofia. The construction was carried out according to the Milan method. In the process of construction in the area of the station it is necessary to shift the underground infrastructure, incl. plumbing, electricity, low current, heat and other networks. The geological and hydrogeological conditions in the area are very severe, which requires the implementation of jet grouting below the level of the foundation slabs of the station to interrupt the flow of water. The station has one lobby. The length of the metro station is 131.7 m and its width is 18.5 m. The depth of the facility at ground level is on average 21 m. The station has two side platforms with a length of 100 m. The leading motif in the interior is the Bulgarian embroidery. The flooring and cladding are made of granite, granite tiles, glass ceramics and clinker. The ceilings are solved with etalbond strips in two colors and cassette aluminum panels type Armstrong. The lighting used is diode, discreet in its main part, with accentuated large ring-type plafonds.

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