Design and construction of signaling and telecommunications systems on the Plovdiv-Burgas railway line

The company in the PLOBUR consortium will carry out the development and rehabilitation of the Plovdiv - Burgas railway line, supplying and installing equipment:

 - signaling systems for 18 stations, including apparatus for heating arrows, 4 specialized vehicles with measuring equipment, video surveillance system for 10 stations, materials for correction of train tracks in 5 stations, etc .;

 - a train traffic control system including video surveillance systems for another 18 stations and one specialized vehicle with measuring equipment;

 - new train protection system with a length of 271 km, including 2 specialized vehicles with measuring equipment;

 - a system for monitoring parameters of the rolling stock in 4 points;

  - telecommunication equipment in the Plovdiv - Burgas section with a length of 293 km (optical cables and related transmission equipment, telephone exchanges, passenger information devices, train communication system and control center for the telecommunication network), incl. 4 specialized vehicles with measuring equipment.

Repair of facilities and construction:

 - rehabilitation of technical premises - for signaling (at 15 stations), for telecommunications (at 31 stations) and for dispatchers and duty managers (at 19 stations);

 - construction of technical premises of container type for signaling in 4 stations and for telecommunications in 7 stations;

 - construction of an 18-pipe pipeline network - a new pipe-line network will be constructed in the areas of the stations.

The Plovdiv - Burgas railway line is a priority in the national railway system and the restoration of the project parameters and rehabilitation will contribute to improving the quality of services offered and reducing transport costs. Higher speeds (160 km / h) and higher quality of services will help to make rail transport more competitive than other modes of transport.

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