Wastewater Treatment Plant, Krichim

The wastewater treatment plant is located on an area of 8 decares and is built in a partnership with a Spanish engineering company.

The buildings and facilities constituting the technological scheme are an administrative building, a building for mechanical purification, a building for dehydration with a sludge thickener and a compacted sludge silo, a bio-basin with an aerobic stabilizer and an activated sludge regenerator, a pumping station and a station for ferric chloride and a secondary radial settling tank.

 The technological scheme provides complete mechanical purification through coarse screens for more large waste and combined facility for separation of sand impurities, oils and fats. The biological purification is performed in the Carousel type bio-basin, with a bottom-mounted aeration system, an aerobic stabilizer for the separated sludge, and a ferric chloride station that helps the excretion of phosphorus-containing compounds. The settling occurs through a secondary reinforced concrete radial settling tank with a diameter of 18 m and a depth of 4 m. Decontamination of water is performed in a modern ultraviolet installation.

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Capacity 10 600 PE
Average daily water quantity 1 952 cubic meters / day