Wastewater Treatment Plant, Etropole

The wastewater treatment plant is located on an area of 18 decares and is built in a joint partnership with a German engineering company, offering innovative and high-performance technology, especially well applicable in "mixed sewage".

Built mechanical stage (coarse and fine screens) for separating large floating wastes with dimensions of 2 mm, sand and grease arrester, separating the sands and all types of asphalt and abrasive particles, oils, fats and any kind of surfaces waste of insoluble nature.

The leading biological treatment facility is ASB (activate sludge basin-pool with activated sludge) with a total volume of 7200 m³ and is a combination of a chamber for biological removal of phosphorus, bio-basin for the flow of the main biological and biochemical processes of treatment and a horizontal settling basin to separate the purified water and activated sludge.

 Built also is a stage for treatment of the separated sludge – homogenizing, dewatering and decontamination. The station is equipped with modern UV installation for decontamination of purified water, which guarantees 99.9% bactericidal effect. All processes on the path of water and sludge are absolutely automated and allow remote monitoring and control of processes.

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Capacity 11 509 PE
Average daily water quantity 3 320 m³/day