Renewal of the railway and the contact network in the REBROVO - SVOGE interchange

Complete renewal of the railway and the contact network in the interchange, including the replacement of the rail traverse / incl. making a non-rail track / construction of an 8 km drainage system / concrete canals and drainage facilities /, ditches have been restored, fortifications and freezing of rock masses have been made, all "weaknesses" along the route have been strengthened. 450 m retaining walls have been reconstructed and new 300 m long retaining structures have been constructed. A stone bridge was repaired, 35 drains were rehabilitated and repaired, Thompson and Orlin railway stations are newly constructed with platforms of 150 m. Replaced and upgraded 2 crossing facilities. Newly constructed railway, contact network, drainage facilities and marking in 3 tunnels. Train safety and improved travel comfort are ensured.

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