Public Center MAGAZIA 1, Bourgas

The building of Magazia 1 is located in the northern part of the eastern breakwater, in the 3rd and 4th berths. It was built in 1903.

The building is single-storey, two-nave, with measures 90/30 m and an area of 2795 m². The construction is metallic, riveted, has a historical value, since such constructions are not currently implemented.

The reconstruction and modernization of the existing building aimed at its year-round use as a Sea center with exhibition, entertainment and educational functions.

Part of the building will be used to absorb the traffic of the cabotage sailing.

Executed functional zoning in the building: 

Lounge for arrivals and departures of cabotage vessels with a capacity of about 150 people; the lounge is used as a waiting room for the passengers and as a lobby in front of the exhibition part;

Exhibition, entertainment and education center that includes:

  • Main hall with exposition – temporary and permanent exhibitions, events – about 460 m²/capacity of about 200 people/;
  • Multifunctional hall – about 220 m²/capacity of about 80-90 people/;
  • Training halls – the opportunity to conduct activities with children and adults in the spaces of the exhibitions or in separate smaller halls – about 200 m² total/capacity of about 80 people/;
  • Children's center – about 90 m²/capacity of about 50 children/;
  • Administrative Unit – 3 offices /capacity of about 8-10 people/;

Commercial sites – 5 shops for renting, 1 ticket center with 3 counters and 1 souvenir shop, etc. to the exhibition centre – about 230 m² in total;

Catering establishments:

  • Restaurant with sea cuisine: hall – about 450 m²/capacity approx. 200 seats/;
  • Coffee Bar – approx. 120 m²/capacity approx. 50 seats/;

 Technical premises.

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Built-up area 2795 m² / incl. covered courtyards /
Total built-up area 4033 m² / incl. covered courtyards /