Modernization of the railway section Elin Pelin-Kostenets

The modernization of the Elin Pelin-Kostenets railway section from km 62+400 to km 73+598 is carried out with co-financing from the Cohesion Fund, through OP "Transport and Transport Infrastructure" 2014-2020 and the Program "Transport Connectivity" 2021-2027. It includes two main stages: preparation of technical and working projects and construction. The construction includes new railway, catenary, systems and facilities of external power supply and external lighting of the station areas, as well as construction of video surveillance systems and passenger information systems. There will be 8 single-pipe tunnels for a double railway line with an approximate total length of 5,478 m, 2 viaducts with an approximate total length of 1,005 m and 11 bridges with an approximate total length of 777.70 m, as well as noise protection facilities with an approximate length of 1,066 m and drainage facilities. The Nemirovo bus stop is also included in the scope of the project.

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