Modernization of port terminal "Rosenets"

The terminal is designed for receiving, storing and transporting petroleum and chemical raw materials and commodity products. Construction works include the establishment of an embankment dam along the road between Pier 1 and Pier 2, as well as the reparation of Pier 1. During the activities, underwater works are carried out, which include dredging works for cleaning and correction of the seafloor and rock covering and installation of concrete elements. The implementation includes a fire alarm system, including a main pumping station with a control room, main water and foam pipeline to Pier 1, dispensing and distributing station, hydro and foam monitor towers, fire alarm installation and automation, sea pump and mooring facilities, as well as the construction of a steam regeneration plant and its infrastructure. After the completion of all activities, a reinforced concrete pavement will be built on the road between the two piers.

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