Vitosha Metro Station, Sofia

The project includes construction of a two-way metro tunnel and one metro station. The construction of most of the metro route was constructed under the New Austrian tunnelling method, and the metro station and a small section of the metro tunnel were built under the Milanese method.

Vitosha Metro station is located on the boulevard Cherni Vrah, between his intersections and the street Henrik Ibsen and the street Philip Kutev.

 The station is underground, with a length of 171.2 m and width of 18.8 m, the maximum depth of the terrain is 13.26 m. There are two vestibules and it has side platforms. The entrances to the metro station are six in number, four to the north vestibule at the intersection of the boulevard Cherni Vrah and the street H. Ibsen and two to the south vestibule.

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