Aleksandar Malinov Metro Station

The project includes construction of two-way metro tunnel and one metro station. The construction of most of the metro route, with a length of 901 m, was performed under the Milanese method and the last section, with a length of 200 m, was constructed in a non-reinforced trench under the traditional bottom-up method.

 The metro station is situated under boulevard Alexander Malinov. It starts at the intersection with the boulevard Andrey Lypchev and ends shortly after the intersection with the street Saint Cyprian. The total length is 171 m., consisting of two vestibule and a platform. The station has side platforms with a length of 100 m. The entries to it are six, two of them on both sides of the intersection with the street St. Cyprian and the other four are on each side of the intersection with boulevard Andrey Lypchev.

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