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Lukoil Neftochim Burgas Ltd., H-OIL

Client: Lukoil Bulgaria EOOD.
Executor: Sices Spa Italy, GP Group Ltd.

HEAVY RESIDUE PROCESS COMPLEX FIRST PHASE on the territory of Lukoil Neftochim, town of Burgas

Chief designer: Technipetrol Spa Italy

Contractor: Sices Spa Italy

Subcontractor of the construction and assembly works: GP Group Ltd.

HEAVY RESIDUE PROCESS COMPLEX  “LUKOIL Neftochim Bourgas” will be the biggest installation of catalytic hydrocracking in Eastern Europe. The value of the first phase of the project exceeds $ 1.5 billion. With its implementation aims at increasing the efficiency of the refinery by applying the most advanced processes to deep processing, which increases the production of light fuels and improve the quality of fuel oil to the level defined by European legislation. The complex has a huge environmental value because of its release to decommission obsolete installations as Sulphur Gas-2, Thermal cracking and others. This unique in its scale project is of considerable benefit to the Bulgarian economy. In the longer term, higher efficiency and the depth of refining will increase the quantity and quality of the light fuel, which in turn will bring more revenue to the state budget. The world has only nine operating such installations – in the United States, Japan, Canada, Kuwait, Poland and Mexico. The draft for the Company used the whole experience and all the innovations tested positive in previous installations. The project to build KPTO is licensed by the French company AXENS – leader in the licensed technology for refining, petrochemicals and gas refining, backed by nearly 50 years of success in research and industrial field. The first stage of construction of the project includes the construction of the first major installation – H-Oil-plant hydrocracking of Vacuum Residue in fluidized bed reactors H-Oil with a total output of 2.5 million tons raw material this year, and auxiliary installations: first Hydrogen plant, Amines regeneration section, Department for unsteaming acidic waters and Fire department, new Transformer platform that will deliver power to the first major installation and installation for purification of H-Oil. The construction is divided into the following parts:

Piles – 365 pc. Cast in Situ piles for reactor foundations, compressors and other equipment. Piles has a diameter of 620 and 800, respectively, and length L = 15 m and L = 18 m.

Construction works of foundations for:

  • two reactors – first and second degree
  • compressors
  • motors (System for lubricating oil for compressors)
  • pooled containers for heavy and light LPG residues composite vessel drainage amine
  • pumps for raw materials, slurries, wash water, oil seals, pumps Vacuum Residue, pump tank discharge first and second degree,
  • foundations for tank of fresh water and a raw material tank to the deaerator,
  • metal structures and other machinery and equipment.

* The approximate amount of concrete till date is 23 000 m³.

Construction of underground utilities:

1. Manufacture, supply and installation of reinforced concrete pits sizes 1.00×1.00 m 3,20×1,90 m – 411 pc.

2. Construction of industrial – storm sewers – reinforced concrete pipe D 800 – 222 m, concrete pipes D 700 – 324 m,

3. Installation of steel pipes for industrial – storm sewers, material: low temperature carbon steel with plastic coated 1.5 mm – 6090 m,

4. Drain chemically contaminated water, material – glazed clay – 38.8 m,

5. Drain rainwater, material: low temperature carbon steel with plastic coated 1.5 mm – 89 m,

6. Line of Fire water material – low temperature carbon steel, lined inside with cement, outside with plastic coating – 1207 m,

7. Service water material – low temperature carbon steel with plastic coated 3 mm – 1561 m,

8. Drinking water pipe material – high density polyethylene – 490 meters,

9. Straight and reverse cooling water material – low  temperature carbon steel with plastic coated 3 mm – 3495 m,

10. Critical submitting straight cooling water material – low  temperature carbon steel with plastic coated 3 mm – 395 m.

Construction of concrete paving- 31 905 m².

Construction of roads around worksites – 1800 m.

Construction of tank storage area:

  • Tank – T-6201 – 10 000 m³ – Storage Tank Vacuum Residue
  • Tank – T 6202 – 10 000 m³ – Storage tank VGO
  • Tank – T-6203 – 8000 m³ – Storage tank wash oil
  • Tank – T-6204 – 4000 m³ –  Storage tank sealing oil