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Road II-18 – Sofia Ring Road – West arc in the section from km. 0+780 to km 6+309

Client: (Български) Агенция ,,Пътна Инфраструктура“
Executor: (Български) Джи Пи Груп ООД чрез ДЗЗД „ЕВРОПЕЙСКИ ПЪТИЩА”
Started at: 03.11.2015 г.

Western arc of the Sofia ring road is a continuation of the “Lyulin” highway and is a part of corridors №4, №8 and №10 of the trans-European transport network, which has an important role in the economic opening of EU markets to goods and raw materials from neighboring geographic areas and the integration of the EU transport network with Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Construction covers the section of the route of the ring road of Sofia from km 0+780 to km 6+309 and falls entirely within the territory of Sofia. The road is a continuation of the building under construction section of the GPA and has a total length of 5.529 km. The beginning of the section in Sofia Ring Road (west side) is at km 0+780, which is located about 70 meters after crossing the river Kakach. The first one kilometer of track GPA crosses consistently two existing railway lines through the overpass, as in the opening of the site is a future avenue “Stephenson”. In km 3+176 road crosses the road II-81, where is located the junction of the Lomsko shose Blvd. After Lomsko shose Blvd. ring road is routed to the deviation of village of Mramor at km 3+996, where the intersection is achieved by traversing the path for village Mramor on two levels. In km 5+109 the Sofia ring road enters in North Tangent, which goes on the second level.

Construction includes the construction of three junctions – junction “Stephenson” type “half clover”, junction “Lomsko shosed” is roundabout crossroad and direct connections to the lower levels, and the junction “North Tangent” is a “full clover”. Will be build too two transverse crossings / at “Station Voluyak” Str. and road to the village of Mramor /.

In the region of the western arc build the following 5 major facilities:

  • Trestle of 1+290.46 km to km 1+634.46
  • Underpass at km 0+227.70 at Stephenson Blvd.
  • Trestle at km 3+177 over Lomsko shose Blvd. at p.v. “Lomsko shose”
  • Overpass with village of Mramor above GPA at km 3+996.39
  • Overpass GPA at km 5+108.96 FTA

From km 0+780 to km 1+050  gauge is 46 meters, which include: 2×6 lanes, dividing strips, two local lanes and two sidewalk.

From km 1+050 to km 6+309 gauge track – 26.5 meters, which include: 2×6 lanes, a dividing strip and two banquet.

The design maximum speed is 80 km / h.
Class of builded road is an urban motorway Class I-B.
Traffic on the existing route of Road II-18 will not be stopped and will be used during construction for passing traffic and service to the construction site.