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MЕТРО Sofia, 2-nd metro diameter, metro station 12

Client: (Български) ДЗЗД МЕТРО Черни връх
Executor: (Български) „Джи Пи Груп“ ООД чрез ДЗЗД МЕТРО Черни връх
Started at: 01.08.2014 г.

The segment includes construction of two-way metro tunnel and a subway station. Construction of the majority of the track will be built with the “New Austrian Tunneling Method” and the metro station and a small stretch of metro tunnel will be built in “Milan” method.
Metro II-12 is located on the Cherni Vruh Blvd., between streets Henrik Ibsen and Philip Koutev.
The station is underground, with a length of 171.2 meters and a width of 18.8 meters with maximum depth of the field 13.26 m. MS 12 is designed with two vestibule and side platforms. Entrances to the metro station are six in number, four to the north vestibule at the intersection of Cherni Vruh and H. Ibsen Str. and two on the south concourse.