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Petrol stations of Gazprom

Client: (Български) НИС ПЕТРОЛ
Started at: 10.06.2013 г.
Finished at: 25.07.2013 г.

In 2013 the company GP Group Ltd. fulfilled the reconstruction and reconstruction of two petrol stations Gazprom / NIS Petrol in Bulgaria – Burgas Meden Rudnik and Plovdiv, St. Peterbur Blvd. Implementation of the construction and assembly works from10.06.2013 to 25.07.2013.

The reconstruction included the complete replacement of ceramics, suspended ceilings and equipment in the commercial buildings, new furniture and equipment. Replacement of the RVI elements of the petrol station according to the brand of Gazprom, repair and restoration work on the road and sidewalk pavements, prophylactics and repair of the technological pipelines, petrol dispenser and wiring at the site.